In 2010 Sundrop Farms began operating their first commercial greenhouse facility in South Australia. The greenhouse is situated at the top of the Spencer Gulf, near the city of Port Augusta. Given the lack of fresh water, the degraded pasture land, and harsh climates, traditional horticulture isn’t feasible in this area. With the help of their proprietary technologies, they have been growing delicious, natural and high-quality produce grown from Southern Ocean seawater and sunlight.

Sundrop Farms significantly expanded these pilot operations by 20 hectares using eSolar’s Solar Collector System and a Solar Receiver System from Aalborg CSP A/S. Construction began in December 2014 and a ribbon cutting dedication was held at the grand opening of the site in October of 2016.  Please see the Sundrop Farms website and the following footage documenting the commissioning and construction of the site for more information.