About Sierra SunTower

eSolar heralds a new era of solar energy with the unveiling of Sierra SunTower. Challenges that once thwarted widespread solar thermal power generation — including cost, speed of deployment, and environmental sustainability — have now been met. eSolar delivers a new blueprint for solar energy in California and beyond.

Sierra SunTower supplies 5 MW of clean, renewable energy to the grid. The full-scale power plant, the first commercial CSP tower in the United States, supplies electricity to Southern California Edison (SCE) and will power up to 4,000 homes.


  • Southern California Homes – Sierra SunTower will produce 5 MW of electricity powering up to 4,000 homes.
  • Job Creation – The project created over 250 construction jobs and 6 permanent jobs.
  • Local Community – Sierra SunTower provides a new local tax base, as well as direct and indirect economic benefits during development, construction and operation.
  • Greenhouse Gases – 5 MW of clean solar power generation will offset more than 7,000 tons of CO2 each year.
  • Clean and Reliable – Efficient and clean solar power is reliably available during peak demand.

Environmental Facts

The 5 MW output of Sierra SunTower will reduce CO2 emissions by 7,000 tons per year. For perspective, Sierra SunTower’s annual impact is equivalent to:

  • Planting 5,265 acres of trees
  • Removing 1,368 automobiles from the road
  • Saving 650,000 gallons of gasoline

The Construction of Sierra