eSolar’s Field Layout is Flexible

CSP, Concentrated Solar Power, eSOLAR, Sierra Site, CA

eSolar’s solar field includes the heliostats and all of the systems required to use them to deliver flux (heat from the sun) to a receiver. This flux can be used on a pre-qualified steam or molten salt receiver built by eSolar partner Babcock & Wilcox or a customer selected receiver. eSolar’s Applications Engineering team can also work with customers to deliver flux to receivers for other applications (such as EOR or desalination).

Dispatchable Power Reference Plants

eSolar won a grant from the United States Department of Energy to develop a reference design for a dispatchable baseload power plant.  The result was an optimized molten salt power plant designed for rapid deployment and capable of producing power hours after the sun goes down. Because of the modular design of eSolar’s system, this reference design can be modified to fit customer needs.

eSolar has another reference design for an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle power plant. This design was created in concert with GE around their Flex Efficiency Turbines.

 DOE Molten Salt Preliminary Design Specifications

  • Fourteen 50-MW thermal modules on 530 hectares total land area
  • Central power block
  • 13 hours thermal storage
  • 275 MWt steam generator
  • 115 MW (gross) turbine generator
  • Capacity factor: 75% (dry cooled (design basis)), 78% (wet-cooled)
  • Annual production: 655 GWh (dry cooled), 687 GWh (wet cooled)
  • No fossil fuel hybridization required

Reference layout for the DOE Molten Salt Plant.