The process of building a Concentrated Solar Plant

eSolar partners with exceptional companies to participate in the design, construction and operation of a CSP tower plant.


Technology Development

  • eSolar is an expert in technology development for all items related to the solar collector system
  • Receivers, turbines and other plant equipment are designed by eSolar partners

Supply Chain Development

  • eSolar selects and drives performance of key suppliers and manufacturing partners
  • eSolar contract manufacturers manage supply chain including local material sourcing

Project Development

  • eSolar offers technical support for system design and layout
  • eSolar also provides performance data for bankability studies
  • Project developers arrange project financing and development
  • Developers are responsible for permitting and off-taker contracts

Field Construction

  • eSolar ensures manufacturing partners meet performance expectations
  • eSolar provides training and best practices for installing SCS components
  • Contract manufacturers manufacture heliostats, receivers, piping, etc.
  • EPC manages all construction of equipment on site

Operations and Maintenance

  • eSolar provides software upgrades and system optimization support
  • Plant operator performs all on site operations and maintenance