eSolar technology is different from Photovoltaic Cells

Photo Voltaic in the Field

Photovoltaic in the Field

  • Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight into electric power using panels composed of semiconductors
  • PV produces DC power only and is very susceptible to cloud transients
  • eSolar designs concentrated solar power (CSP) technology
  • CSP focuses sunlight to heat a thermal fluid and can be used for power and thermal applications
  • Some thermal mediums allow for very efficient storage of energy, providing dispatchable energy output


Concentrated Solar Power Equipment

Trough looking down its line focus

eSolar designs tower systems and not trough systems

  • Parabolic trough uses a line focus to heat fluid in a long tube
  • Trough technology is proven, but is not able to meet cost levels to compete with PV
  • Tower technology uses a point focus at a central tower
  • Towers are able to reach much higher temperatures, yielding higher efficiency


eSolar uses revolutionary small heliostats

  • Traditional CSP tower plants used single towers and very large heliostats
  • Large heliostats are expensive to install and are subject to¬†higher wind loads
  • Single tower plants have significant scale-up risk and limited flexibility
  • eSolar’s small, factory-produced heliostats are easily installed and protected from the wind
  • eSolar’s modular plant layout has little scale-up risk and is flexible to output requirements



eSolar’s small heliostat in the field


Large heliostats at Solar Two Plant