eSolar Has a Unique Business Model

By engaging world-class supply chain partners, electromechanical and thermal equipment manufacturers, eSolar’s business model is asset light, yielding the highest potential return for our shareholders.

eSolar Business Model

eSolar develops and delivers CSP Power Tower solutions to its licensees worldwide, generating royalty revenue for each plant constructed plus ongoing software maintenance fees. eSolar provides the following products and services:

  • Design and reliability testing of heliostats
  • Management of supply chain to provide cost-effective, high-reliability heliostats
  • Controls software to enable targeting of solar flux
  • Simulation modeling to accurately predict system performance
  • Systems engineering to enable project developers and EPCs to implement eSolar technology
  • Training of EPC and developer personnel
  • Solar field commissioning
  • Ongoing software support

These licensees utilize the technology to develop projects in the power generation, EOR, desalination and other industrial process heat markets.