How it Works: EOR

eSolar Enhanced Oil Recovery Infographic

Using Solar Steam for Enhanced Oil Recovery

CSP power towers are a good fit for EOR

  • Steam is generated by eSolar solar field system
  • Steam is pumped down well into the oil reservoir
  • Oil is heated and pressurized, forcing it out of the well

Significant oil remains stranded in reservoirs worldwide

  • Roughly 430 billion barrels of heavy oil are recoverable worldwide
  • Much of the recoverable oil is located in locations with good solar resource

Thermal steam EOR is proven for heavy oil recovery

  • Solar EOR competes well in areas with high natural gas prices
  • 1.3 million barrels of oil extracted per day by steam EOR
  • California is the leader in steam EOR but Middle East has significant potential

 eSolar’s place in the EOR industry

  • eSolar is working with global partners to develop solar thermal EOR power tower solutions
  • eSolar provides high temperature and pressure steam ideal for EOR use
  • The eSolar modular solar field allows for quick installation with the ability to relocate to additional sites
  • eSolar can apply molten salt technologies for on-demand steam generation
  • Steam conditions are variable based on customer requirements


eSolar’s flexible, modular, scalable and portable solar field technology is very suitable for steam injection