How it Works: Desalination

eSolar Desalination Infographic

CSP Technology a Great Fit for Desalination

  • eSolar’s molten salt technology is capable of running a desalination plant around the clock
  • eSolar modular solar fields can be configured to match plant thermal and electrical needs
  • Clean water would be produced using completely¬†renewable solar energy

Worldwide Uses for Desalination

  • Many areas of the world do not have enough naturally occurring fresh water
  • These areas are often in locations with high solar resource
  • Total worldwide installed desalination capacity represents more than 13 billion gallons per day

Reverse Osmosis Desalination

  • A reverse osmosis desalination plant passes salty water through a membrane to generate fresh water
  • eSolar’s CSP towers would be used to generate electricity to power the plant

Thermal Desalination

  • Thermal desalination uses heat to generate steam from salty water
  • The generated steam is then condensed to fresh water