Field Proven Technology

In 2007, eSolar set out to make CSP cost-effective and competitive by focusing on the following core principles:

  • Small mass-manufactured heliostats
  • Fields organized using repeating geometries, preventing the need for complex surveying
  • Precise sun-tracking software

Our technology has matured through several generations of hardware and software which have undergone tens of thousands of hours of rigorous real-world field testing at our test sites: Little Rock, Sierra, and Bikaner.

Our Product

Today we are focusing on our core competencies of building amazingly efficient heliostats and control software which can work with a variety of receivers and applications. We have partnered with other industry leaders like B&W and GE to create reference designs for molten salt and ISCC plants. We are continually working with our supply chain partners like SMTC to be ready to produce our technology at volume and are partnering with EPCs and Project Developers to license our technology for their projects.

eSolar develops our hardware, firmware, and software in tandem and through many generations: hundreds of thousands of hours of real-world testing. The eSolar engineers have taken our lofty goals, complex theories, and remarkable concepts and honed them into the best performing CSP solution in the industry.

Focusing on those core-competencies we started the SCS5 project in late 2012 with two main goals:

1. Build a new generation of heliostats which cost less, is easier to manufacture, easier to install, and higher performing than ever before.
2. Improve our control software to manage more heliostats, calibrate faster and more precisely, work more autonomously, and self-diagnose reporting problems better

Our product, SCS5, accomplishes these goals and as of November 2013 passed many of its initial commercial readiness milestones:

  • The new SCS5 hardware has a drive which requires 1/3 fewer parts and is significantly stronger
  • The new SCS5 mirror is larger and has a slight curve providing better pointing accuracy
  • The new SCS5 structure is easier to install and has a different shape allowing for more freedom of motion for the heliostat

Our new assembly lines were prepped for a pilot project at Sierra Sun Tower in early 2014 and we worked closely with a handful of customers on designs to incorporate our heliostats and control software into their plants and projects.

Today, in 2016, SCS5 is the basis of our largest commercial contract, providing solar power to the Sundrop Farms Port Augusta Expansion Seawater Greenhouse where SCS5 heliostats will fulfill a Tomato Purchase Agreement between Sundrop Farms and Coles Supermarkets in Australia.  Enhancements of our software control systems allow our heliostats to be used in an ever wider variety of applications.

Early SCS5s

Some of the first SCS5 Heliostat Pods assembled at Sierra.


Our field under construction at Sundrop Farms Port Augsuta.