Simple, Elegant Solution

The eSolar SCS solution is a low-profile, pre-fabricated, very small heliostat design coupled with advanced aiming controls and logic.  This yields break-through capital and operational cost reductions, short ordering lead times, simple and rapid field construction, and the ability to maximize the use of local content and labor.

Hand Carry

Optimized for Manufacturing

eSolar employs the contract manufacturing model for our technology fabrication and workmanship in which the customer places the order with our Tier 1 supplier for the majority of the SCS supply. To complete the balance of the solar field system and plant, eSolar partners with various leading technology companies in coordination with the desires of the project developer and their EPC to meet project needs.


Cost Effective Hardware

Our small heliostat approach provides several key advantages including:

  • Flexibility to scale the field size as well as the number of fields to configure the design to meet exacting customer thermal energy needs
  • Ability to rapidly achieve high volume production and associated cost efficiencies
  • High heliostat solar field packing density with minimal land use
  • Low profile layouts ensuring protection from wind and reduced structural forces resulting in low cost subsystems and components as reflected in our low cost gear drives
  • Rapid field installation without the need for cranes or lifts along with eliminating foundation types that require ground penetrating concrete piers
  • Ease of assembly using accessible unskilled and local labor force

Modular and Shippable Towers

The heliostat solar collector field is paired with a factory-assembled, truck-shippable receiver mounted on top of a monopole wind tower. The compact size of the receiver allows the use of towers already mass-produced for the wind power industry. Project capacity is scaled by utilizing the necessary number of solar field modules interconnected with piping to deliver the steam to a common interface.