The ACME Group – a leader in the field of energy, environmental and telecommunications infrastructure solutions in India – has partnered with eSolar as a master licensee of eSolar technology within India. ACME will build, own and operate up to 1 GW of solar thermal plants over the next 10 years using eSolar’s modular and scalable design and will work with other companies in India using eSolar technology. Manoj Upadhyay, Chairman and CEO of ACME, remarked, “The eSolar system addresses obstacles that have previously plagued solar installations and presents a viable, cost-effective alternative that can scale quickly to meet India’s growing energy needs.” ACME has made a $30 million equity investment in eSolar. Bill Gross, CEO of eSolar, commented, “ACME’s $30 million commitment demonstrates their confidence in eSolar’s technology. We are committed to working with the very best partners, such as ACME, to scale deployment as quickly as possible around the world.”