Rick Huibregtse portrait_huibregtse

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Rick Huibregtse leads the Engineering team including mechanical and electrical development, reliability, analysis, along with software and systems teams. Mr. Huibregtse is a technical leader with over 25 years of successful innovation, product development and operations experience in the transportation components and energy conversion industries. Mr. Huibregtse began his career with General Motors and its component division spinoffs, and has extensive global experience, including managing an engine controls plant startup in Portugal and leading European product and customer development at Delphi Automotive’s Luxembourg Tech Center. Prior to joining eSolar, he was VP of Engineering for Remy Inc. in the rotating electric component industry, and consulted in the ultracapacitor and hybrid propulsion industries in auto, truck and off-road markets. Mr. Huibregtse earned his BSME degree from Kettering University with a specialty in electrical and computer engineering.