portrait_johnJohn Van Scoter

Chief Executive Officer & President

John Van Scoter is a seasoned leader in the advancement and implementation of global market strategies for high-growth, emerging technologies. Throughout his 25-year career at Texas Instruments (TI), Mr. Van Scoter served as Senior Vice President responsible for the DLP® Products division growing the technology to a recognized ingredient brand in the HDTV, Projector, and Digital Cinema markets. He also served as TI’s Vice President for emerging DSP start-up businesses in MP3/Internet Audio and Printing markets, as well as in various product development, manufacturing, and sales capacities. Immediately prior to joining eSolar, Mr. Van Scoter developed TI’s Alternative Energy strategies for the smart grid/meter, solar, LED lighting, smart motor, and energy harvesting markets. Mr. Van Scoter obtained his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vermont and serves on the Tyco Electronics (NYSE: TEL) Board of Directors.