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GE is one of the largest and most profitable corporations in the United States. GE and eSolar signed an investment and licensing agreement during July of 2011 to enable GE to sell, market and develop equipment and projects that will incorporate eSolar technology into Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (“ISCC”) and standalone solar thermal power plants. An ISCC project combines a combined-cycle system including a gas turbine, steam turbine, generators and a heat recovery steam generator, with a field of mirrors that focus sunlight on a tower to produce high temperature steam. Steam generated in the solar field is fed into the water-steam cycle of the combined-cycle plant, increasing the power of the steam turbine and creating extra megawatts of electricity without using any additional natural gas.

GE made an investment in eSolar during 2011 and made a follow-up investment in 2013. eSolar and GE continue to pursue projects in major CSP markets.